7.11.2020 | Speech: Magdo

We are standing here in front of the Basilica of St. John the Baptist. Why Here? Well this is the biggest catholic church in Berlin and moreover, it is the legal seat of the Polish Catholic Mission.

It is very symbolic, since the abortion compromise from 1993 allowing abortions in three cases: incest or rape, embryopathological damage and the pregnant person’s life being in danger, was a compromise between men in suits and men in soutanes. 

But this is war. We, people with uteruses and queer people have had enough of this disgusting hypocrisy of the Catholic Church and the hard right. You might have hear LGBTQIA+ people being called pedophiles by pro-lifers. Ironically, the most crimes of sexual abuse against children take place in Polish, and not only Polish, Catholic Church.

Vatican is a place, where gay men were looking for protection in the past. For many becoming a priest was the only way to escape homophobia. 

The insincerity of the patriarchal friendship between the Polish right and the Polish Church is a muzzle. Their cishet white manly pride seems to be a permission to take away our right to decide what to do with our bodies and how to live our lives.

People with uteruses who fight to disturb the peace among powerful men are being called devilish. The word ‘Feminist’ is an offence coming from their mouths. LGBTQIA+ people are not welcome on a third of the country’s territory. It pisses me off. It pisses us off.

I had to deal with the shame of having this body. I had to deal with understanding sex is not sin. I had to face my queerness, a part of my identity that is deemed an illness. The part of me that makes me less than a human being. I had to learn it is okay not to want to follow the traditional path so deeply ingrained in our culture. Anything else than a man and a woman with kids is abnormal and therefore should not exist.

I am just one standing here and giving voice to millions and millions of people not only in Poland, but also in Italy, Spain, South America, The USA, etc. For people from countries that force us to suppress ourselves because the Catholic patriarchal interpretation of a book says so. There are queer people and people with uteruses who do believe. But they are being actively excluded from the community they would like to be a part of. Because of who they are.

This is why we gathered here today with other queer-feminist groups. To show solidarity with those people, whose identity is being constantly challenged. Who are being told they are not enough, that they are broken or weak. 

Don’t let them do that to you. Don’t give up. Stand in solidarity with those who share your experience. You will never walk alone.


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